Former U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan

Abington, MA - March 17 – Former U.S. Attorney and Plymouth County District Attorney Michael
Sullivan today endorsed Plymouth State Rep. Vinny deMacedo for State Senate in the Plymouth
and Barnstable District.

“More than seventeen years ago while serving as Plymouth County District Attorney, I had the
opportunity to meet local businessman, Vinny deMacedo,” said former U.S. Attorney Michael
Sullivan. “I was extremely impressed with Vinny’s commitment to his community and his
advocacy for many important initiatives in Plymouth. Having had the honor of serving in the
Massachusetts legislature I knew Vinny had the right passion, integrity, and interpersonal skills
to be an extraordinary and extremely effective member of the Massachusetts House of
Representatives. Since his first election, I have had the opportunity to witness Vinny’s
leadership on many important issues facing the South Shore and Cape Cod and have been
impressed with his approach and success as a legislator. Vinny knows the importance of
learning through listening. His serious and thoughtful approach to the work of the legislature
has rightfully earned respect from his colleagues on both sides of the aisle. I know that Vinny
will be a great State Senator,” concluded Sullivan.

In response to Sullivan’s endorsement, deMacedo said, "Having the support of former U.S.
Attorney Michael Sullivan, a nationally-acclaimed and recognized law enforcement professional
who has protected and championed our communities, state, and nation, is a great honor. I have
had the privilege of seeing countless firsthand examples of the incredible difference that Mike
has made through his commitment to improve public safety, protect our citizens, and promote
and enforce justice. His initiatives as District Attorney helped make Plymouth County a safer
place. The consummate public servant, Mike has amassed an outstanding record of
achievement as state legislator, Plymouth County District Attorney, U.S. Attorney, and Acting
Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF),” stated deMacedo.

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