Plymouth: State Senator Vinny deMacedo Embarks on Commonwealth Conversations Tour

State Senator Vinny deMacedo is taking part in the Commonwealth Conversations Tour today. It’s a statewide tour of senate districts led by local senators looking to get input from residents, businesses and special interest groups.

“We’ll be talking about a big issue for all of us here in the Plymouth and the Barnstable Counties, which is the opiate addiction problem and what we’re doing in this region to address it,” said deMacedo.

Each member of the senate has also agreed to attend at least two of these sessions outside of their own part of the state.

“It’s important to get a sense of where your colleagues are from and what issues are important to them.  The issues that are important to those of us here in Plymouth County, as in tourism and what not are probably different then what you’re going to see in other parts of the state. So you get a better sense of the issues that drive your colleagues,” said deMacedo. 

Read Full Article March 18, 2015 Source: WATD 95.9

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