deMacedo files bill to force schools to stock epinephrine

Panel signs off on epinephrine stock legislation.  House Minority Leader Brad Jones and Sen. Vinny deMacedo file the bill

Massachusetts schools would be required to maintain a stock supply of a federally approved steroid for emergencies involving a severe allergic reaction, under a bill approved on Wednesday by a panel of lawmakers.

The Joint Committee on Education signed off on the bill (H 415), which tasks the state Department of Public Health with drafting the regulations and requirements on maintaining the supply of epinephrine for school districts.

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Plymouth: State Senator deMacedo Appointed to Two National Councils

Republican State Senator Vinny deMacedo of Plymouth is now a member of two national councils after being appointed by Senate President Stan Rosenberg. deMacedo will serve on the Eastern Region Committee on Budget and Tax for the Council of State Governments and the Committees on Budget and Revenue and the Labor and Workforce Development for the National Conference of State Legislatures.

“We’ll get together with the eastern region members on the committee of ways and means to talk about what is happening, what are the trends we’re seeing nationally, as far as budgeting, what we should be doing as far as best practices go and hopefully learn from each other as we get through this very challenging time fiscally,” said deMacedo.

We asked him why he believes he was chosen by the senate president.

“I’ve had the privilege of being on the committee of ways and means on the house side for 12 years and now I’m the ranking minority member on the ways and means committee in the senate. So I assume the senate president felt that I had some background in this area and I would be of assistance and hopefully put Massachusetts in a good light,” said deMacedo.

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Plymouth: State Senator Vinny deMacedo Embarks on Commonwealth Conversations Tour

State Senator Vinny deMacedo is taking part in the Commonwealth Conversations Tour today. It’s a statewide tour of senate districts led by local senators looking to get input from residents, businesses and special interest groups.

“We’ll be talking about a big issue for all of us here in the Plymouth and the Barnstable Counties, which is the opiate addiction problem and what we’re doing in this region to address it,” said deMacedo.

Each member of the senate has also agreed to attend at least two of these sessions outside of their own part of the state.

“It’s important to get a sense of where your colleagues are from and what issues are important to them.  The issues that are important to those of us here in Plymouth County, as in tourism and what not are probably different then what you’re going to see in other parts of the state. So you get a better sense of the issues that drive your colleagues,” said deMacedo. 

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PLYMOUTH 400: Sen. Vinny deMacedo convinces new administration state funds needed now

PLYMOUTH – The check is in the mail.  Well, actually, the contract is in the mail.

Michele Pecoraro, executive director of Plymouth 400, was informed this week that the state will make good on its promise to support the town’s 400th anniversary celebration, with a contribution of $125,000….

The money was, it seems, never gone. It had been approved, just never allocated. But with the $700 million budget deficit the Baker administration is facing it was probably in greater jeopardy than ever.

“That’s when I really got on this,” deMacedo told the Old Colony this week, “when I heard that the (deficit) numbers were even larger than they had originally anticipated.”

Beginning in early January, deMacedo began to call and email anyone with influence, arguing for the significance of the 400th anniversary celebration, and making the case that if those funds were not forthcoming, Plymouth 400 might have to shut down for the year.

“I made the argument that it would be, if not devastating, very difficult for Plymouth 400 to maintain forward momentum without these funds,” deMacedo said. “I know that everyone accepts that this is a big deal, for Plymouth and the state, but they also think it’s a long way off.

“I pointed out that for Plymouth 2020 is just around the corner, and that the town has been working on this for six or seven years now,” deMacedo said.

It worked.

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South Shore Lawmaker Hopes Deficit Is Lesson for Next Year's Budget

Since being appointed to serve as the ranking minority member of the Senate Committee on Ways and Means last month, Senator Vinny deMacedo of Plymouth vows to keep the state’s spending in check.

“My role is to be a fiscal watchdog on how the Commonwealth spends money,” deMacedo said during an interview at the State House.

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